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Hello all. hope you are keeping safe and trying to get through these times with some fun and family time. I am missing all your lovely littlies and cant wait for all this to be over.  I thought i would just give you a few ideas for keeping the children entertained although I am sure you are managing quite well.

Our phonics songs can be found on utube, in the order that we teach them. The children all know them very well.  You can play phonics games too. Just make up sound bags, placing items inside for the children to dip in an see if they are able to tell you what this item begins with. Eye spy is another amazing game to entertain as well as educate children.

Sing lots of number rhymes. 10 in the bed, 5 little monkeys, 5 little ducks etc. Where possible, use puppets as this makes it more interesting and visual for children.

Count household items, Ask children to find 10 items that are green, 5 items that are blue etc. Very simple ideas and I am sure you have all done lots but I am just trying to give you more inspiration.

Baking is one of our children's favourite activities. We bring lots of counting into our baking activity  i.e. how many spoonfull of sugar, flour do we need? Can we count the baking cases, how many buns can we make?  All simple but  effective activities. 

Ball gym is also very popular in nursery and helps to build up those little  muscles  for writing and managing threading and small motor skills. Ask your child about this, they will know every movement and actions we do. Play " Lets get ready to rumble" , use a small sponge ball. If you do not have sponge balls, then a piece of dough or other ball will do. 

Dough recipe: 2 cups of flour: 2 cups of salt: small amount of oil: food colouring: mix together with warm water over a low heat until all clings together. Do not worry if it not perfect. Add flour if too sticky, children will play for hours. Remember, you do not need dough cutter if your panicking that you do not have any. The children will make some amazing items using their fantastic imaginations.Do not worry too much about the "writing" at this point. All these activities are very important for children's development. It would be good top practise writing their names, but do not push this too much..

Enjoy all the time you have with your children because when we do eventually get back to " normal life", time will fly and their nursery days will be over. 

Thursday 30th April

Hi all, hope your all staying safe and well.

Please find below an email I have received from Mrs Morgan Meek to share with you all. Its sounds really exciting and I hope you will all get involved.

Take care

Mrs Jenkins





Hope everyone is still well.

I've received the following email about mental health week. I feel with what is going on in the world at the moment it would be a lovely activity for us all to participate in. 

Please can you set your class the task to create a piece of work, picture etc about kindness. 


I hope you are still staying safe and managing to enjoy some moments of ‘you time’ whilst still doing an amazing job at home and with work (long distance).

 As some of you may know MH awareness week is fast approaching (18th-24th May)- the theme this year is ‘Kindness’.  We would normally try and integrate some focused activities into our working practice to celebrate and spread the word about the importance of our mental health during the week, but are having to be a little more creative this year.

 We are hoping to create a child friendly one off newspaper all about kindness. My hope is that it will mostly be created with our children and their families as involved as possible- that’s where you come in (fingers crossed you have a spare five minutes to support as I think children and their families from your school could hugely benefit).

I am hoping for schools to contact families by whatever means you are using and encourage children to get creative and produce some short stories/pictures/poems/inspirational quotes all about kindness.

 I’m thinking we could provide the children with some prompts such as;

 Give an example of kindness you have seen- that could be self-kindness, a kind act that somebody else has shown, kindness we have shown others or kindness we have shown to others/ nature.

 What does the word ‘kindness’ mean to you?

 How does kindness make you feel?

 Say a big  thank you to someone who has done something special for you.

 Hopefully if these can get to me in time (and there are enough responses) we can get this all put together and they will be in with a chance for their work to feature in  the newspaper ready to be circulated shortly after MH awareness week- please be mindful that if we get a huge number of replies we would have to be selective so be clear with children that their work might not make it in this time.


**Please be aware**

I’m hoping that this  will be shared with all schools in the Wakefield/Pontefract area so pieces of work will be publicly read (we would typically include the child’s first name or if desired the child could choose an alias/parents could specifically request that we do not include their name in the newspaper).


If you are wanting to get children at your school involved then please let me know asap (only reply to me rather than cc’ing everyone in) and spread the word by whatever means possible. Please get all children’s entries back to me by 14th May.


Any queries/thoughts/ideas let me know.







  Welcome to Lower Foundation Nursery

The Nursery teacher is Mrs Jenkins who has an excellent support team nursery nurse, known as Mrs Hill.

Things that may be of interest to Parents/ Carers:


Our P.E. days are Tuesday a.m. and Friday p.m. Please could you make sure your child is wearing shoes that they can manage themselves as we encourage them to take off socks and shoes and put them back on. This is to give them a start for when they have to undress for P.E. in reception class.


Our library days are: Monday a.m. and Thursday p.m. Please share these books with your children and encourage them to talk about the illustrations.


Children love baking days, which are: Tuesday a.m. and Wednesday p.m. We ask for a contribution of 50p a week to pay for the ingredients, to enable all children to take home baking or join in tasting sessions.


We try to go out in all weathers and so we would ask you to send a pair of wellingtons, named, for your child to keep at nursery.


Autumn term: Wonderful me/people who help us/Diwali/Christmas           Spring term: Space                   Summer term: Pirates and the sea

Dates for your diary

WOW Day 1st April 2020

Easter Raffle - on sale in nursery from 16th March

Chinese New Year 2020

On the week beginning Monday 27th January we began looking at Chinese New year and the different ways it is celebrated. We discussed what animal we are celebrating this year- year of the the rat . We tried different Chinese food and created a Terracotta army. 

Science week 2020

The week beginning the 3rd of February was our science week. In nursery we had lots of fun exploring and joining in lots of different experiments. A scientist came into school to teach us all about bubbles! We were VERY excited! 

World Book Day 2020

On Thursday the 5th of March we celebrated World Book Day as a whole school. Everyone dressed up as their favorite book character. We looked fantastic. Once again Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Hill went to town! Dressing up as Oompa Loompa's, we just cant turn down an opportunity to dress up a little bit silly! We Spent the day enjoying different story books that the children brought in and some of our old favorites. 


Outdoor Learning

In nursery we LOVE playing outdoors and we are very fortunate to have a large outdoor area! The outdoors environment offers the opportunity to make sense of the outdoor world around them. The outdoor environment can also help with fine and gross motor skills, all round physical development and improved knowledge and understanding of the world.