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In order for children to achieve and make progress, it is vital they come to school every day. We can only do this if we all work together – attendance really is a team effort! 

The Importance of Attendance Video 


At Featherstone All Saints we believe we can all be a HERO (Here, Everyday, Ready, On time)


The ‘attendance team’ meet on a weekly basis to review individual and group attendance across school. We also rely on all staff to notice patterns of irregular school attendance or to help us identify improvements that have been made.


We celebrate good attendance weekly in our celebration assembly. Children are rewarded for their good attendance through a range of individual and whole class prizes.


Each week we track the attendance of individual classes. The weekly winning class receive 'Reward Time' on a Friday afternoon. The class are able to choose what this might be. Choices include an extra playtime, board games, iPad time. The class is also awarded a balloon which is displayed in the hall and added together at the end of each half term to win a whole class prize.


Week beginning 20th March 2023 attendance winners were Year 6 with an amazing 100% attendance. 


Every Friday, we draw the winner of our movie bag. This bag consists of all the treats you might want for a family movie night. The children who have achieved 100% attendance the previous week are put in a randomly generated draw. Well done to Rowan in Year 1for winning the movie bag prize for her 100% attendance during the week beginning 13th March 2023.


During the autumn term, we had 35  children who achieved 100% attendance for the whole term. They were rewarded with a certificate and selection box during our special attendance assembly.

Autumn term winners


The winners of the pizza party for achieving the highest attendance during the Spring term 1 were Year 1 and Year 3. They celebrated with an afternoon of pizza and movies.


A lucky family won the £50 shopping voucher for attending school the whole of the Autumn 2 term. 




Featherstone All Saints does not authorise holidays taken in term time and works in partnership with the Education Welfare Service (EWS) regarding the issue of  Penalty Fines. Pupils have an entitlement to an education, not a term time holiday. Click here to view our school's Attendance Policy



Current attendance this year (up to 24/03/23) - Whole School Attendance (statutory school age) 95.12% (target 97%)



Persistent absence (students with absence greater than or equal to 10% between 05/09/22 to 24/03/23)* - 12.63%

Late marks (children arriving after 8..55am and before 9.15am between 05/09/22 to 24/03/23) - 290

Late after registration has closed (children arriving after 9.15am 05/09/22 to 24/03/23) - 60



School Year 2016-2017 - Whole School Attendance 94.2%


School Year 2017-2018 - Whole School Attendance 95.0%


School Year 2018-2019 - Whole School Attendance 94.9.%


School Year 2019-2020* - Whole School Attendance 95.4%

 * Measured from September 2 to March 13 - week before the impact of Covid-19 and lock down

Persistent absence (students with absence greater than or equal to 10% between 2/9/19 to 13/3/20)* - 11.48%

School Year 2020-2021 - Whole School Attendance 95.8%

Persistent absence (students with absence greater than or equal to 10% between 7/9/20 to 23/7/21) - 10.48%


School Year 2021-2022 - Whole School Attendance 93.83%

Persistent absence (students with absence greater than or equal to 10% between 6/9/21 to 22/7/22) - 16.75%