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Your teaching team is Mrs. Perry (class teacher) and Miss Archer ( terrific TA).


We encourage our children to read as much as possible at home, and to motivate them we reward every 10 reads at home with a ‘dip in the box’. Please ensure you read daily as much as possible, as consistency is much better for your child. Don't forget to write in your child's record.  

We have signed up to Oxford Owls.

This will provide your child with ebooks. The login is



It is important that your child understands that numbers represent amounts and that they become confident with adding and taking away amounts up to 10. Please try to incorporate this understanding of amounts into your daily lives, such as getting 4 forks when laying the table, or finding 6 blocks of lego when playing.


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Class dojo

Please make sure you have the class dojo app. We will use this platform to share pictures of your children and to update you with current information.


Our P.E day is Friday

Please could you help your child to be more independent in dressing and undressing themselves. This would be a massive help when it comes to PE days and developing their gross motor skills.

Also as usual please label all items of clothing and footwear that your child wears. Please leave kit in school all half term.

This Welcome to Reception Booklet will provide you with extra information.

Here is a list of ideas to help your child learn at home. 


Some ideas to support your child with learning at home



Simple add and takeaways up to 10

Play board games

Count objects- coins, buttons, socks, toys etc..,

Baking/cooking- measuring out ingredients

Watch Numberblocks

Sing simple number songs- 5 little monkeys, 10 in a bed etc…

Build lego towers- e.g 10 bricks tall and add two more

Shape hunt around the house


Go through the phase 2 and phase 3 sound mats- make simple bingo grids and cross the sounds out

Write full name

Share stories

Read reading book

Write simple sentences e.g I can see a dog.

Spell cvc words dog, cat, mum, dad

Read tricky words- I to no go into the are my me she they was he her all be we you

Draw pictures and label or write a simple sentence about it

Colour in pictures

Chalk outdoors


Minibeast hunt, decorate sticks or pebbles, playdough, water play, make dens or tents

Internet pages

Imagination tree, Five minute mum, pinterest, Twinkl, BBC iplayer, cbeebies

In our class the children love to make models this is a very important part of a child's development. For the children to do this we need your help by bringing in any empty boxes, cartons, tubes, bottle tops or even empty packaging trays.



Reward system

We follow the school reward system where children are given a stamp on a chart. They can receive a stamp for many things such as when they are well behaved, try really hard with their work or are kind and helpful. When their card is full (25) they stand up in assembly and receive a dip in the box. Then they move onto the next colour card. A full card goes into the red envelope and at the end of the year your child could win a Nintendo DS!

How we learn

Please try not to be cross when your child has pen, paint or mud on their clothes. We learn best when we are physically active and engaged, and in our love of learning we usually forget to stay clean!